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Nestor "Panama"

Nestor is a poet and proud Fortune Society community member.

Corona, Corona

Corona, Corona how I despise you.
For one, no one can find you.
You hide.
You are invisible.
But, believe me! 
One of these days, 
a smart guy will find you.
And when they do, 
they will destroy you.
No more pain 
No more deaths 
because of you.
Good bye, you sneaky devil
Good bye, mi amigo
Rest in Peace

From your destruction, we have learned 
to survive,
to call for transformation.
We have learned to wear a mask 
- not to rob, but in service.
We have learned to social distance,
Translate into keeping 6 feet apart.
We are seeing 
from complete strangers,
the dedication of many 
- even until death.
We have learned different technology 
distance learning,
to work from home. 
We have also learned 
that no man is an island.


The Corona virus has spread to more than 4,000,000 people in the United States.

© Nestor “Panama” Eversley

A Complicated Man

The complicated man has no plan
His perception of the world is twisted

The complicated man does not listen to what's been said
He is not willing to adapt or adjust

His projection opens to conflict

The complicated man shows no compassion
Always in anger
& makes no space for warmth, humor or grief

The complicated man acknowledged & possesses wisdoms
but does not apply it

© Nestor “Panama” Eversley

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