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Hilton N. Webb, Jr..jpg

Hilton N. Webb, Jr

Hilton N. Webb, Jr., is a formerly incarcerated cis-gendered man who loves the speed and danger of Harley Davidson motorcycles, the smell of fragrant blossoms, and the laughter of small happy children. He is also a writer who believes poems are the sharpest arrows in literature and that love is the strongest force in the universe.

Gerard Tanella.jpg

Gerard Tanella

Gerard is a proud member of the Fortune community
Loves creative writing and the arts
He is kind beyond measure and loves helping people

Ryan B. aka Blustone.jpg

Ryan B. aka Blustone

Blustone is a poet and photographer. He loves exploring nature and spirituality. 

Nestor _Panama_ Eversley.jpg

Nestor "Panama" Eversley

Nestor is a poet and proud Fortune Society community member.

Lionel _Doc the Edutainer_ Limange.jpg

Lionel "Doc da Edutainer" Limage

Doc enjoys learning and teaching through the arts. Self-taught while incarcerated, he plays keyboards, writes songs and poetry, records and produces his own material. He is a proud member of the Fortune Society music and creative writing programs. IG: @smash4202

Deacon Ireal K. Jacobs.jpg

Deacon Ireal K. Jacobs

Ireal is a poet from Brooklyn, NY. After years of being in and out of incarceration and realizing that he was headed for no man’s land, he made the conscious decision to become a deacon, and to serve the Lord with all his heart and soul.

Felix Guzman.jpg

Felix Guzman

Felix is a poet and organizer committed towards building healthier communities inclusive of all. IG and Twitter: @felixguzman81

The Spiritual Activist, Marvin Wade.jpg

The Spiritual Activist, Marvin Wade

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Marvin is a Spiritual Activist. Following his release from prison after 25 years, he worked as an intern at The Fortune Society, and soon after joined their writing group. Thankfully, Fortune and the writing class were there to assist in his transition. Marvin is also part of the Re/Creation, a Brooklyn-based writing group. You can read more of his work at Look for many great things literary and Spiritually to come from Mr. Marvin Wade in the near future. Twitter: @Spiritual1wade

Roslyn Svendsen.jpg

Roslyn Svendsen

"I'm beautiful. I'm kind. I'm gorgeous. I'm love. I'm happy."

David Coleman.jpg

David Coleman

Dave is a singer/songwriter, and storyteller. He uses the healing power of music to bring awareness to the criminal justice system. YouTube: Dave Coleman Rocks

Dawud Rahman.jpg

Dawud Rahman

Dawud started playing saxophone while incarcerated over forty years ago. He enjoys playing jazz, latin, r&b and rock music. He currently studies saxophone with Don Braden and flute with Barbara Siesel.

Max Bach.jpg

Max Bach

It takes all kinds... of journeys!" Max has lived in many places in the world, taking both the outer as well as the inner journeys to the one place where they paradoxically secure universal freedom. New York City is the city of his birth. In the bardo of life and death, it has become the city of his rebirth.

Sparks Alexander

Sparks Alexander

Shaley Howard is better known as Sparks Alexander is a self taught actress. From the age of 5 she has been creating short plays and choreographed performances for her family, school functions , and audiences across the USA, even today.
She enjoys spending giving her mindpower to her hometown community of Shrewsberry, New Orleans, LA. It is here that she is an active participant
in the revitalization of the people and the areas natural resources. She is doing this by growing produce on the land in the area to provide more fresh food options to the people.
Shaley is always continuing her crusade to improve the quality of life for her people while also seeking a continual understanding of her reason for being. She has one daughter. 

Becky Jane Dunham.jpg

Becky Jane Dunham

Becky is a lifelong student of Mother Earth and is now learning how to grow with words.

Erobos Abzu Lamashtu, OKA, “E”.jpg

Erobos Abzu Lamashtu, OKA, "E"

is an extraterrestrial, extra-dimensional being imprisoned in human form for reasons that remain unclear. "Middle aged" according to the lifespan of earthlings, formerly imprisoned in several penal colonies throughout The State of New York

Helen Taylor.jpg

Helen Taylor

Helen is a poet and proud Fortune Society community member. Love is love.

Mersadez George.jpg

Mersadez George

Mersadez is an artivist and a lover of all artful ways of expressing. If there is one thing she can change in the world, it would be the way we see ourselves. IG and Twitter: @mersadezgeorge



"I had to first learn myself, know myself, accept myself to love myself. Attentive to my surroundings, I learned my life has a purpose and meaning. I have grown to realize that my voice can be heard but I first need to listen... I'm sincere, wanting love, peace and respect. Life can enjoyable."

Milton Jones.jpg

Milton Jones

Milton is an actor who has appeared 12 ANGRY MEN, FENCES and many other plays. He has played leading roles with Rehabilitation Through the Arts, Theater of the Oppressed NYC, and The Fortune Society.

Mic Ruiz

Mic Ruiz

Mic is a Hip-Hop Artist, Song Writer, Producer, Creative, and Founder of worldwidemic entertainment who is currently working on his debut album “The Grand Projecto”. IG and Twitter: @officialmicruiz

Vilma Ortiz Donovan.jpg

Vilma Ortiz Donovan

Vilma is an actor, performer and proud Fortune community member Twitter: @imfreeatlast

Rubi Hochland and John Runowicz aka John Michael Hersey.jpg

Rubi Hochland

Rubi is an accomplished blues harmonica player and has been a valued contributor to the Fortune Society music program for many years.

Donel “Lotus” Davis.jpg

Donel “Lotus” Davis

Lotus is a singer, poet, songwriter and entrepreneur. Her passion for music and changing the world is what drives her. She has been through very rough patches in life. Music is therapeutic and she uses her gift of song to cope, heal herself and those who may hear her.

IG: @truelotus

John Runowicz aka John Michael Hersey.jpg

John Runowicz aka John Michael Hersey

John is the Music teacher at The Fortune Society. He has a Ph.D in ethnomusicology from NYU and is a singer/songwriter who has released fourteen albums of his music. IG: @johnrunowicz

Jonathan Finkelman.jpg

Jonathan Finkelman

Jonathan is a New York-born guitarist. A graduate of the City College jazz program where he studied with the Modern Jazz Quartet’s John Lewis, Jonathan has been performing and teaching in the New York area for many years.

Rev. Keith Finesse Gadson.jpg

Rev. Keith Finesse Gadson

I’m the founder of the National Innocence Project’s Music & Art Ministry, and our mission is to vindicate the wrongfully convicted. I was wrongfully convicted for 32 years in prison. In a rare act, I convinced Sen. Velmanette Montgomery that I was innocent and NYS Senators endorsed me for clemency. I became a renaissance man while in prison - a keyboard musician, singer, composer, and canvas art painter. My artwork was published in Fortune Society’s 2020, “Voices of Fortune” and exhibited at MoMA PS1.
Prior to prison, I had acted, danced, modelled, and was on Broadway at the Bijou Theatre, the first Black owned theatre, for choreographer Ron Davis. I also did disco dance demonstration for Flori Roberts Cosmetics, as well as runway modelling for Harold MacDermon and the Brown Skin Models.

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